2017 Award Winner

Thank you for your service / leaving the board:
Mindy Charron & Matt Brewer

Volunteer of the Year:
Scott Carlson

Industry Professional of the Year: 
Josh Hodgson

President's Award: 
Todd Reese

2016 Award Winner

President's Award and 
Recognition of Service

At this years annual meeting, Brandt Jelken took home 2 awards for his service to the IAA. The first is given to Brandt for his time as the President of the IAA, which started in 2014 and was completed in 2016. Brandt was also received this year's Presidents award. This distinction is given by the current President to a person of their choosing. Brandt received the award for the time and effort he gave in the process for Iowa to become our own chapter.

2015 Award Winners

President's Award 

This year, Dr. Jeff Iles was selected to receive the Presidents Award for the work he does every year to bring us the ISU Shade Tree Short Course. Arborists everywhere are better at their chosen profession because of what this program has to offer in terms of continuing education. We thank you Dr. Iles!

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Butch Christianson with MidAmerican Energy received the Outstanding Volunteer Award for the work he does to put on the Kids Climb event at the Iowa Arboretum. This is a particularly important event because it exposes kids to the art of arboriculture and tree climbing. Congratulations Butch, Nice Job!!

Recognition of Service as SE Representative

Andy Dahl received a plaque in recognition of his service to the Iowa Arborist Association as the SE Representative. Andy served on a lot of committees and dedicated a lot of his time to help make the organization what it is today. Thank you Andy!!

Recognition of Service as President of the IAA

Even though Scott Carlson is still serving on the board of directors (he’ll never get away!) he is awarded a plaque for his time as President of the IAA. This position is a 3 year commitment and requires a lot dedication to in order to do it effectively. Scott was great at it. We are very appreciative for all of the work you do for the IAA. Thank you Scott!

Outstanding Professional Award

Jeremy Fox received the Outstanding Professional Award this year for his actions at the Iowa Tree Climbing Competition in September of 2015. For those who don’t know, Jeremy donated his winnings (and they were significant) to individuals at the competition who have been in the industry for less than one year. It is this type of attitude that helps to improve our profession and encourages new comers to continue on in the field of arboriculture. Jeremy, you are a testament to what it means to be a true professional in our field. Thank you!!