Iowa Arborists Association Membership


The purpose of the I.A.A. shall be to foster an appreciation for the Iowa tree community, to increase interest in planting and caring for shade and ornamental trees, to promote the science and practice of professional arboriculture and to encourage public education.

Membership Classifications: 

1. Professional Membership: Professional membership shall be open to all individuals actively engaged in the practice of arboriculture. This shall include those individuals who are responsible for the supervision, management, and/or planning of arboriculture activities. Professional membership shall include, but not be limited to the following sub-groups: municipal arborist, utility arborist, commercial arborist, and other practicing arborists who are classified as “at large”. 

2. Educational Membership: Educational membership shall be open to those individuals engaged in education or research in supportive or allied disciplines with recognized institution or agency. 

3. Senior Membership: Senior membership shall be open to those individuals who are retired from Professional or Educational practice of arboriculture. 

4. Associate Membership: Associate membership shall be open to any and all individuals not actively engaged in the practice of arboriculture, but whose associate profession or interest supports the purpose of the Association. 

5. Sponsoring Membership: Sponsoring membership shall be open to all individuals, organizations or firms who, by their affiliation, wish to support the Association. 

6. Student Membership: Open to all students enrolled in Arboriculture, Forestry, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, or other related fields. 

7. Corporate Membership: Open to any commercial companies representing products and services of the arboriculture field who wish to support IAA. Corporate members are entitled to one voting member and employees of the company are entitled to discount membership rates at IAA events.