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Mark Rouw Iowa BIG Tree: Report Jul-Dec 2023

IOWA BIG TREE REPORT FOR JULY THROUGH DECEMBER OF 2023 BY MARK ROUW, IOWA BIG TREE FIELD REPRESENTATIVE, February 20, 2024   This will be a shorter report than the previous ones since I was unable to get out to do tree work until quite late in the year. Despite fewer measured trees there were...

Mark Rouw BIG Tree: Updated Report Jan-Jun 2023

Iowa Big Tree Report for January Through June of 2023 Submitted By Mark Rouw, Iowa Big Tree Field Representative Although several different species of trees were measured, I would describe the first half of 2023 as the half- year of the cottonwoods. I don’t remember ever measuring so many...

Mark Rouw BIG Tree: Updated Report

Iowa Big Tree Report for July Through December of 2022 Submitted By Mark Rouw, Iowa Big Tree Field Representative The second half of 2022 may not have been as productive as the first half of the year, but there were some significant finds which are described in this report. I’m hoping this account...

TREE Press February 2023

If in doubt, take a smaller piece By Dr. Brian Kane, ISA Certified Arborist Massachusetts Arborists Association Professor University of Massachusetts- Amherst Rigging is one of the most hazardous tasks a climbing arborist does. It involves working aloft, cutting with a chainsaw, and large pieces of...

Message from the Iowa Big Tree Field Representative

February 2, 2023 I can remember being impressed with some of the large trees in my neighborhood when I was quite young but it wasn’t until I was in perhaps 5th grade that I saw really big trees for the first time. After school, my friend John and I liked to go exploring along the Des Moines River...

President’s Message: From Stephen Carlson January 2023

Hi Tree People! I’m full of gratitude for the honor of serving the Iowa Arborist Association in the role of President. The experience has exceeded my expectations in the best ways. If you’ve ever considered getting more involved in IAA you should definitely do that this year. Remember that voting is...

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