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Disease Resistance
Disease Resistance
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Disease Resistance
Malus ‘Adams’
Adams Crabapple
Deep pink buds open to single pink blooms. This reliable performer has symmetrical form.
2020Dense, roundedGreen with reddish tint in springDeep pink buds open to pink blooms, singleRed, 5/8" persistentGoodExcel.Excel.Good
Malus ‘Adirondack’
Adirondack Crabapple
Adirondack is an important cultivar because of its form and outstanding flower display. It is a compact, dense tree with strongly upright form. It produces one of the heaviest flower displays of the crabs. A Don Egolf, U.S. National Arboretum introduction.
1810Densely upright, inverted coneMedium greenWhiteBright red, 1/2"Excel.Excel.Excel.Excel.
Malus ‘Candymint’ PP 6606
Candymint Crabapple
Irregularly spreading branches of this diminutive tree are smothered in spring with excellent, bright pink flowers. Dwarf character and abundant crop of bright red, persistent fruits hint at its origin as a Sargent seedling.
1015Low, spreadingPurple tinted becoming bronze-greenRose pinkRed, 3/8"GoodGoodExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Cardinal’ PP 7147
Cardinal Crabapple
Foliage holds its rich color through the summer and has the best disease resistance of crabs with deep purple leaf color. Flowers of this Malus hupehensis hybrid are bright magenta-pink to red.
1622Broadly spreadingDark purple-red, glossyMagenta-pink to redDeep red, 1/2"Excel.GoodExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Centzam’
Centurion® Crabapple
Red buds open to rosy red flowers. Form is strongly upright when young, becoming upright-spreading as it matures.
2015Narrow, uprightReddish-purple, aging to bronze-greenRed buds open to rosy red, single flowersBright red, 5/8", persistentGoodExcel.Excel.Excel.
Malus ‘Coralcole’
Coralburst® Crabapple
Top grafted on a 4’ standard, Coralburst® is slow growing and forms a very dense, symmetrically rounded head.
1515Compact, dense, roundedDark greenCoral pink buds, double rose colored flowersBronze, 1/2"FairExcel.Excel.Excel.
Malus ‘David’
David Crabapple
Light pink buds open to white blooms. This rounded tree has a good appearance year round and is valued for its smaller size.
1212Compact, roundedLight green, glossyLight pink buds open to single white bloomsBright red, 3/8"-1/2" persistentGoodExcel.Excel.Excel.
Malus ‘Dolgo’
Dolgo Crabapple
One of the hardiest and earliest of the crabapples to bloom, pink buds of Dolgo open to large, fragrant white flowers.
Abundant fruits ripening in mid-summer are edible and excellent for jelly.
3025Upright, spreading, openGreen, glossyWhite, 13/4", singleRed, 11/2", edibleGoodGoodExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Donald Wyman’
Donald Wyman Crabapple
Glossy clean foliage gives the tree a fresh appearance all summer. Small bright red fruit is among the most persistent of all crabapples.
2024RoundedMedium green, glossy and cleanSingle, whiteBright red, 3/8", abundant, persistentGoodFairExcel.Good
Malus ‘Doubloons’ PP 7216
Doubloons Crabapple
The first double flowering white crab with disease resistantance. Outstanding yellow fruit.
1816Dense, upright, spreadingDeep greenDouble, whiteYellow, persistent, 3/8"GoodFairExcel.Excel.
Malus sargentii ‘Select A’ PP 12621
Firebird® Crabapple
This compact selection of M. sargentii features long lasting, high quality fruit. Annual fruit display is more persistent than any other natural dwarf crabapple.
810Rounded, spreadingDark greenWhite, opening from red budsBright red, 3/8" persistentExcel.Excel.Excel.Excel.
Malus floribunda
Floribunda Crabapple
An old variety, proven over the years to be one of the best. Very graceful habit with irregular spreading branches produces a fine winter silhouette.
1825Horizontally spreading, irregularGreenPink buds maturing to white single flowersYellow-red, 3/8"GoodFairExcel.Good
Malus ‘Schmidtcutleaf’
Golden Raindrops® Crabapple
Fine textured, deeply cut foliage gives this unusual crab a delicate appearance. The form is elegant, with slender limbs spreading horizontally from upright branches.The abundant golden yellow fruit is truly tiny.
2015Upright, vase shapedGreen, deeply cutDelicate and starlike, white, profuseGolden yellow and tiny, 1/4"Excel.PoorExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Hargozam’
Harvest Gold® Crabapple
One of the best yellow fruited crabs, it features neat, crisp, dark green foliage and an upright branch habit.
2218Upright ovalDark greenWhiteYellow, 1/2", persistentFairFairGoodGood
Malus ‘Indian Magic’
Indian Magic Crabapple
Bright red elongated fruit is of unusual shape and makes this tree beautiful in fall.
1515Upright, spreadingDark greenDeep pink, 11/2", singleOrange red, 1/2", persistentFairGoodGoodExcel.
Malus ioensis ‘Klehm’s Improved Bechtel’
Klehm’s Improved Bechtel Crab
Beautiful and fragrant double pink flowers distinguish this selection of the native Prairie Crab. It blooms late in the season.
2018RoundedMedium greenFragrant, double pink. A late season bloomerGreen,sparse, 11/8"FairFairPoorExcel.
Malus ‘Lollizam’
Lollipop® Crabapple
A compact dwarf tree, perfect for formal gardens, patios and courtyards. Fine textured small leaves and dense growth habit create a very symmetrical, globe shaped head. It presents a neat and formal appearance throughout the year.
1010Round, compactGreenWhiteYellow, 3/8"GoodGoodExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Louisa’
Louisa Crabapple
A pink flowered weeping crab with excellent form and dark green, glossy foliage.
1012WeepingDark green, glossyTrue pinkYellow, 3/8"Excel.GoodGoodGood
Malus ‘Jarmin’ PP 14337
Marilee® Crabapple
Pink buds open to unusually large, white, double blooms. Unique for its stiffly upright, narrow form and virtually fruit- less nature, it is an excellent choice for courtyard settings and streetscapes, and for use near utility lines.
2410Narrow upright, inverted coneMedium greenDouble, large whiteFruitlessGoodGoodGoodExcel.
Malus ‘Mary Potter’
Mary Potter Crabapple
Moderately small with an attractive spreading form. One of the showiest crabs in bud and flowering stages.
1015Horizontal and low spreadingDark greenBuds pink opening to single, white, 1"Red, 3/8", persistent. Beloved by birdsGoodFairExcel.Fair
Malus ‘Parrsi’
Pink Princess™ Crabapple
A pink flowered, red leaf form of Sargent Crab. A naturally dwarf tree with all the desirable features of Sargent, but in a new color.
812Low, spreadingPurple becoming bronze-greenRose pinkDeep red, 1/4"Excel.Excel.Excel.Excel.
Malus ‘Pink Spires’
Pink Spires Crabapple
Dense upright branching gives Pink Spires a symmetrical oval form. One of the earliest to flower and the bloom stage is longer lasting than most.
1512Narrowly uprightReddish purplePink, singleMaroon, 1/2"FairFairExcel.Good
Malus ioensis ‘Prairie Rose’
Prairie Rose Crabapple
Large and fragrant double pink flowers look like miniature rosebuds. Introduced by University of Illinois, this selection of the midwest native crabapple is welcomed for its fruitless character.
2018RoundedMedium greenDouble, deep pink, fragrantUsually fruitlessGoodFairPoorGood
Malus ‘Prairifire’
Prairifire Crabapple
One of the best red leafed crabs, Prairifire has impressive landscape impact. Attributes include long lasting bright red flowers, excellent red fruit, and attractive reddish bark.
2020Upright, spreading, becoming roundedRed-maroon, aging reddish greenCrimson buds, bright pinkish red, single flowersDark red, 3/8"-1/2", persistentExcel.GoodExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Professor Sprenger’
Professor Sprenger Crabapple
Red buds open to fragrant pink and white flowers. More upright in habit and larger in size than most crabs, it features unusual orange-red fruit.
2020Upright, spreadingGreenPink buds open to white single flowersOrange-red, 1/2", persistentExcel.FairExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Profusion’
Profusion Crabapple
A popular variety with deep pinkish red flowers and maroon fruit.
2020Upright, spreadingPurplish when young, fading to bronzeDeep pink, singleMaroon, 1/2", persistentFairGoodExcel.Good
Malus ‘Purple Prince’ PP 8478
Purple Prince Crabapple
An outstanding rosy bloom crab. The purple bronze foliage and bright flowers rival Liset, but Purple Prince does not suffer from stem splitting and is faster growing. This is probably the best purple foliaged crab for growers.
2020RoundedPurple, becoming bronze greenRose redMaroon, 3/8"-1/2"Excel.GoodExcel.Good
Malus ‘Radiant’
Radiant Crabapple
A hardy University of Minnesota introduction, this tree resists fireblight and performs well in the Rocky Mountain and inter- mountain states.
2520Broad, rounded crownRed-purple when young, maturing to green.Deep red buds, single deep pink flowersBright red, 1/2"PoorExcel.GoodFair
Malus ‘Red Barron’
Red Barron Crabapple
Ascending branch structure, narrow form and adaptability to urban conditions have earned Red Barron a place on our UtiliTrees™ list.
188Narrow, columnarReddish-purple, maturing to bronze-greenDark red, singleDark red, 1/2"FairGoodExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Red Jade’
Red Jade Crabapple
Desirable for its graceful form, white flowers, and its abundant cherry red fruit. Like many of the weepers, it looks its best when grown as a solitary specimen.
1015Long, graceful, slen- der weeping branchesA glossy vibrant greenDeep pink buds, white flowersBright glossy red, 1/2", abundant, persistentFairFairExcel.Fair
Malus ‘Jewelcole’
Red Jewel™ Crabapple
Bright red fruits are among the most profuse and persistent of any crab, holding fast until spring in mild winter areas, when they are replaced by an abundance of white blooms.
1512Upright and pyramidalGreenPure white, singleBrilliant red, 1/2", persistentGoodFairExcel.Good
Malus ‘Robinson’
Robinson Crabapple
The fastest growing crabapple—it becomes established and makes an impact in the landscape quickly, yet matures at normal crabapple size.
2525Upright, spreading with ageBronze-green, good fall colorBuds crimson, single flowers deep pinkDark glossy red, 3/8"GoodExcel.Excel.Excel.
Malus ‘Huber’
Royal Fountain® Crabapple
Royal Fountain® has a very graceful weeping habit and branches well at a young age. Purple foliage, rosy red flowers and deep red fruits add to its all season appeal.
1015WeepingPurple, becoming bronze-greenRose redDeep red, 3/8"-1/2"FairGoodExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘JFS-KW5’ PP 14375
Royal Raindrops® Crabapple
Bright pinkish red flowers combine with deep purple cutleaf foliage to present a unique new crab. Deeply lobed leaves and upright form with good branching and density are inherited from its Golden Raindrops® parent. Nursery growth is outstanding, and it displays good to excellent resistance to the common diseases.
2015Upright, spreadingPurple, cutleafBright pinkish-redRed, 1/4", persistentExcel.Excel.Excel.Good
Malus ‘Royalty’
Royalty Crabapple
Perhaps the first purple leaf flowering crab to challenge the purple leaf flowering plums. Flowers are almost the same color as the leaves.
1515Upright, roundedDark purple, much like a purple leaved plumPurple to crimson, singleDark red, 5/8"-3/4"PoorFairExcel.Excel.
Malus sargentii
Sargent Crabapple
A natural dwarf with horizontal spreading branches. These are laden with bright red fruits that persist long into the winter months Outstanding when planted in groups.
812Low, horizontally spreading dwarfDark greenProfuse, single, white,
1/2", fragrant
Small, 1/4"-1/3", profuse, dark red, persistentExcel.Excel.Excel.Excel.
Malus sargentii ‘Tina’
Sargent Tina Crabapple
This most petite of all crabapples is grown as a top graft. Flowers, fruit and leaves are all quite small.
56Small rounded dwarf treeMedium green, small leavesBright red buds opening to single white flowersBright red, 1/4"Excel.Excel.Excel.Excel.
Malus ‘Snowdrift’
Snowdrift Crabapple
One of the most popular crabs. The crown is very uniform and symmetrical, making it one of the more formal looking crabs.
2020Upright spreading, rounded and denseBright green, glossyBuds pink, flowers single, white.Orange, small, less than 3/8", persistentGoodFairExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Spring Snow’
Spring Snow Crabapple
Featuring pure white flowers but no fruit, this is the crabapple to use in locations such as patios and courtyards where fruit would be objectionable. It flowers well on an annual basis.
2522Dense, ovalMedium greenPure white, fragrant, singleNearly sterile.
Excellent for patios & courtyards.
Malus ‘Sutyzam’ PP 7062
Sugar Tyme® Crabapple
Fragrant white flowers smother Sugar Tyme® in spring. Persistent red fruits provide a fine fall and winter display.
1815Upright spreading, ovalGreenPale pink buds, white, single flowersRed, 1/2", persistentGoodExcel.Excel.Excel.
Malus tschonoskii
Tschonoskii Crabapple
Unusual for its narrow form and striking foliage. Silvery green new growth matures to light green with silvery green under- sides. Fall color outshines that of all other crabapples.
2814Upright, narrowly ovalEmerges silvery green. Outstanding fall colorWhite, singleGreenish, sparse, 1"GoodPoorExcel.Excel.
Malus ‘Velvetcole’
Velvet Pillar™ Crabapple
Velvet Pillar™ was selected as a tightly upright plant with purple foliage and well balanced growth for use as a hedge plant. We grow it as both multi-stem and tree form.
2014Upright head with ascending branchesPurplePink, singleMaroon-red, 3/8", sparseFairGoodExcel.Good
Malus ‘Cascole’
White Cascade® Crabapple
An early blooming white weeper, White Cascade® has a graceful form whether grown with a straight stem or trained as a contorted tree.
1215WeepingGreenPink buds open to single white flowersYellow, 3/8"GoodExcel.Excel.Excel.
Malus × zumi ‘Calocarpa’
Zumi Calocarpa Crabapple
Very popular, widely used and time tested, this is a standard for comparison for white flowered crabs. Don’t confuse
M. zumi ‘Calocarpa’ with straight M. zumi.
2024Rounded, gracefully spreadingLarge green leaves, dense canopyBuds red, flowers white, single, fragrant, 11/4"Bright red, glossy, small, 3/8", persistentExcel.Excel.Excel.Good